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you can buy edibles online. Cannabis edibles are foods and beverages infused with cannabis. Though they’ve risen in popularity recently, edibles aren’t exactly new.

Now, thanks to advances in infusion methods, you can find a wide selection of cannabis-infused baked goods, gummies, seasoning packets, cooking oil, chocolates, breath strips, mints, sodas, and countless other items. 

can you buy edibles online

The benefit of consuming cannabis-infused edibles is the ability to feel the effects of cannabis without having to smoke flower or vaporize concentrates.

Consuming is easy and intuitive — we all know how to eat and drink.

What’s not easy or intuitive about edibles is the fact it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours for the effects to kick in.

Because the cannabis within the edibles has to go through your digestive system before entering your bloodstream, the effects may take hours to set in and the strength of effects gradually builds to a peak.

How to try edibles for the first time

Trying edibles for the first time can be intimidating, but it’s all about taking it low and slow, as we’ll explain in a four-step process. Here are the key takeaways for an optimum edibles experience:

  • Try edibles with both THC and CBD
  • Start with 2 mg of THC or less
  • Shop for products that are easy to dose 
  • Wait at least two hours before consuming more, preferably 24 hours

Pick your product

Are you dead-set on weed gummies? Or are you simply looking to avoid inhalation while still feeling the effects as quickly as possible?

These days, you can find a range of potencies for just about every product type on the legal market.



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For a relatively fast-acting edible experience, try a cannabis beverage. You’ll have fewer options since most weed drinks are still designed for high-tolerance cannabis consumers, but the low-dose options on the legal market have improved considerably over the past few years.

Effects tend to kick in faster with weed drinks : typically within 30 minutes of consumption and certainly within the hour.

Whichever route you choose, shop for products that are easy to dose. Precision is key when you’re just starting out.

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