California dispensaries that ship to ny serves patients in California who have a physician’s recommendation for medical marijuana and/or a recommendation for other medical cannabis products.

MJ Dispensary currently serves patients in California, the following states: Colorado, Illinois, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Nevada, Maine, Hawaii, Maryland, Michigan.

We offer OpenVAPE pre-filled THC oil cartridges with a 510 thread connection. For those looking for a safer, cleaner alternative to smoking, we sell dabs or wax using a concentrate pen.

All products have certification labels and a reference number. Products range from pre-rolled joints, edibles, flowers, and oils. Shipment tracking and notification are sent to each customer as each product is shipped.

Since opening our first medical marijuana dispensary in 2009; we have gained a reputation for providing the highest quality medical marijuana products to our customers throughout California.

california dispensaries that deliver nationwide

From Kansas City to North Dakota, Weed has you covered. We offer same-day delivery anywhere in the US! Weed is the perfect way to alleviate the inconvenience and expense of traveling to get your medicine. Delivering throughout California; Weed provides marijuana and marijuana products from some of the finest California dispensaries to the doors of its customers.

Now you can buy weed in California without leaving the comfort of your own home. Using one of Weed’s medical marijuana delivery services makes it quick and easy for you to receive your prescription from any of our local pot shops in California.

All your favorite edibles in one place! Order our edibles in different sizes, shapes, and flavors and we will ship them to you anywhere in the country.

legit California dispensaries that ship to ny

Our website allows customers to check out and pick up or they can pay for their product and have it shipped to them.

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